Air Cargo Services – when is air freight the best option?

You may have heard stories of cargo delays and shipping container ‘traffic jams’ at docks. Yet air freight is less visible due to flight restrictions during COVID outbreaks. It’s time to get clear on the current state of global transportation options and the value of air freight in 2021.

TGI Groups’ experience is that, whilst there are some delays in air cargo logistics, the main difference we are seeing is an increase in cost due to fewer planes in the air. We can source air transport around the globe as usual, however you’ll need to anticipate a higher budget to secure space.

So why send goods by air? Air shipping is a great option when you need vital equipment there fast. Especially when the cost of an untimely shutdown could outweigh the cost of transporting replacement equipment quickly. Maybe it’s out of gauge or DG-19 equipment that you need to ship – it’s worth considering air transit for safe, reliable delivery.

Let’s take the defence industry logistics as an example.

With all of the unrest and lockdowns, armed forces deployments have increased and demand for armour-plated vehicles could be anywhere in Australia – and in a hurry. Clearly while not everyone can move sensitive equipment like explosives, live rounds and vehicles by air, it’s a fast, reliable option, even in 2021. Of course, you must have the right accreditations and experience to handle this kind of logistics.

TGI Group’s 30 years of expertise allows us to plan and execute even complicated logistics needs. As a sovereign company TGI Cargo are DISP Accredited (Defence Industry Security Program) to handle specialised defence cargo for the Australian Government.

3 Logistics Benefits of Air freight Transportation

Air Shipping is a great option when :

  1. You need it there Fast  – ultimately this is the key factor when shipping via air. We can send cargo around the world in 24hrs, versus a 45-day option of ocean shipping across the European and US routes.
  2. Ease of Delivery– Air Charters can often get your shipment closer to your site to help keep time delays to a minimum.
  3. Insurance Cost Advantages – while your freight cost may be higher, your insurance costs may be lower as less insurance is needed for a shorter time frame.

TGI Group’s Experience in Unusual Air Freight Shipments 

  • Delivery of 6 armour-plated vehicles, via air freight, into Iraq during Gulf War 2
  • Safe delivery of explosives and mining equipment into and out of Papua New Guinea
  • Delivery of a chemical processing plant from Denver, USA to Johor Bahru, Malaysia
  • Shipping of a mobile drilling rig from Pakistan to Kazakhstan
  • Delivery of a transformer to Thailand on Christmas Day to keep production delays to a minimum

As air cargo experts, specialising in the industrial and defence sectors, TGI Cargo has delivered multi-million dollar projects by air, to all corners of the globe.

We offer a dedicated staff member to manage your project and on the ground staff globally. With 24 hr GPS tracking of your shipment, and local tariff duties, bylaws and permits handled, we can get your air cargo to you, quickly and easily.

TGI Group’s air cargo services are second to none. There is almost nothing we can’t deliver. If you’re considering the benefits of Air Freight, get a quote. We will advise you of the best options so that you can choose the logistics solution that suits your needs.

Just contact us for a complimentary quote.

Written by TGI Cargo

16 February 2021

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