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Energy and Power

Generating Integrated Energy Sector Freight Forwarding Solutions

Increased demand for both renewable and traditional energy has resulted in boosted investment in Power Generation projects around the world. Whether it is an upgrade to current infrastructure or a completely new, sustainable power station, we know that the cargo is big, heavy, or both.

TGI Project Cargo is an expert in international transportation for the energy sector. Our international freight forwarding team seamlessly coordinates your ocean, land and air freight.

Safety is paramount, with out of gauge equipment (which we know is enormous!), requirements can be highly complex. Fortunately, TGI has the extensive experience and invaluable resources to handle everything. We know what it takes to move a 100 plus tonne transformer internationally and to disassemble, remove and deliver an entire power site. TGI Cargo is the ultimate solution to plan and execute a door to door freight movement successfully, on time and on budget.

Powering Up Your Energy Transport Solution

Our experience has led us to offer a number of valued additions to your project, for seamless, daily coordination of your international logistics needs.

  • Critical supplies arrive in sequence

  • Pre-arranged permits and escorts for out-of-gauge cargo

  • Identification of potential cultural or environmental issues

  • Local bylaws and tariff concessions research

  • Comprehensive Customs and Quarantine clearance

  • Cargo specialists positioned globally

  • Dedicated TGI staff in your office

  • Daily supply chain management and updates

  • High levels of risk management

  • Effective cargo scheduling and contingency planning

Every shipment we undertake adheres to a strict Compliance Process

  • Delivery on Budget

  • WHS Compliance

  • Customs Minimisation

  • Quarantine clearance

  • Best practice standards

  • Local and Global Accreditations

  • Spare parts support

  • Import and Export shipments

  • Project management

  • Pre-planning scope

  • Day to day support

  • Daily shipment reporting

  • On time delivery

Visit our Compliance and QHSE pages for more details.

Power and Energy Transport Case Studies

Move a Complete Power Station? No Sweat

Project Overview: Disassembly, removal and delivery of a complete power station from Bremerhaven, Germany to Suva, Fiji, including 4 x 90 tonne generators and 4 x 45 tonne alternators

Origin: Germany

Destination: Suva, Fiji

Accomplished Timeframe: 60 days end to end

Equipment: Break bulk vessel, 1 multi-axle trailer, 2 x prime movers, 1 500 tonne gantry set
Freight Description: 2 000 cubic meters of loose cargo, 4 x 90 tonne generators and 4 x 45 tonne alternators

Situation: This was a fast paced job requiring swift planning. The transport to the site required specialised lifting equipment, a gantry rail system and a multi-axle truck within New Zealand.

To ensure this project was completed within a strict time frame, TGI had their Director on site in Suva for the entire job, advising and coordinating the move. The project was completed successfully, bettering client expectations due to a daily update on every shipment and its location during the journey. TGI completed 3 days ahead of schedule.

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Freight Under Fire - Gulf War Transport

Project Overview: Transportation of a Power Generation Plant, from Australia to Iraq during Gulf War 2 (2003)

Exporting a Power plant to the Gulf War

Origin: Ipswich, Qld, Australia

Destination: As Samawah, Iraq

Accomplished Timeframe: 6 Months

Equipment: Break Bulk Vessel and 50 x Trucks (in total)

Freight Dimensions: 1 x 130 Tonne generator, 1x 120 Tonne alternator and 3 000 cubic metres of cargo, 25 x 40 ft containers


We were contracted by client D & G Energy Australia, to transport the decommissioned Swanbank A Power Station from Qld, Australia to As Samawah, Iraq. The TGI team was involved in overseeing the dismantling, packing, labelling, road transport, port management and shipping of the disused plant from Brisbane, to Kuwait.

TGI arranged the land transport, customs clearance and all military formalities for crossing the border from Kuwait into Iraq. Our team supplied all transport, cranes and specialist equipment to complete the project under difficult circumstances during Gulf War 2.

Challenges faced during this project were unprecedented. Our team faced road closures, sniper fire, potential roadside bombs, and the constant threat of kidnap or possible death, to deliver the project. Not your everyday freight forwarding job!

Our onsite manager was in Kuwait and Iraq to supervise the entire project. Our amazing team delivered the project within the projected time frame despite the intense and complex conditions we faced.

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