Freight Forwarding Companies: What Are They & What Do They Do?

A freight forwarder is the company that handles the shipment process of physical products. When you order something online, there’s no doubt that a forwarding company is involved in the process of getting it from wherever in the world you ordered to your doorstep.

TGI Cargo is a freight forwarding company that operates on a global scale—delivering project cargo and general cargo to and from anywhere in the world.

As a trusted name in ground, sea and air freight transportation, this is your connection to a professional team that has never lost a shipment. With someone at the ready to handle customs clearance, minimise tariff payments and ensure that delivery is on time, and on budget, having an Australian team brings you peace of mind.

How Does Shipping Work?

Whether you opt for air, sea or road transportation solutions, shipments require correct dimensions and weight measurements to give the most accurate quote possible. We often handle large and heavy items, called out of gauge cargo. In this case, valuable information includes whether or not the facilities at either end of the journey have a forklift, crane or other specialist lifting equipment available. Where the facility does not have the right equipment, we solve problems exactly like that for our clients every day.

We often handle specialist equipment or permits for road closures – we’ve even transported through a war zone, and handled the break down and transport of an entire power station.

How Long does Airfreight or Sea Freight take? 

The time shipping takes depends on the type of shipping solution you select.

Airfreight is always quickest, but at the same time, it also comes with the highest price attached. Right now, the airfreight prices are very high with less passenger flights, which actually take quite a bit of freight. There are more size and weight limitations in airfreight than for other options; so think small, quick or emergency for cost effective airfreight cargo.

Sea transport takes longer, and it’s far more cost effective when it comes to larger shipments. With more area for storage and a broad limit on items, you can ship almost anything, and we have! We help military and government agencies to move some of their most sensitive cargo, as well as multi-nationals who need long term project work. We’ve even moved a yacht!

TGI Cargo is the Australian forwarding company for many large businesses. With services including heavy cargo, break bulk carge and out of gauge solutions, our 30 years industry experience pays off for our clients. We service organisations and governments and ensure trusted delivery 100% of the time. We have never lost a shipment!

No matter where in the world are, be sure to contact us for your global shipping needs.

Written by TGI Cargo

16 October 2020

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