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We Deliver Globally Every Day

Extraordinary Expertise for Everyday Excellence

As an international shipping expert, TGI Cargo has 30 years experience in daily door to door freight forwarding. Our agile team is highly responsive in providing the highest level of 24/7 service to our regular freight clients.

Because of our project cargo expertise, we have tackled more routes, found more solutions and been able to deliver on shipments that other freight companies fail to complete. We have travelled the globe, been through wars and still delivered.

As a result, TGI logistics transportation expertise provides accurate quotes and timelines on ocean shipping, air freight, land transport, and all that you expect from the best freight forwarding companies. Our expertise means that you win on customs clearance, tariff payments and we can even GPS track your shipment across the globe.

Servicing Sensitive Clients

We work with the Government, Power Generation, Oil and Gas Logistics, Mining and Infrastructure sectors, and often assist industrial and engineering firms with their needs. TGI has all the expert knowledge to deal with every level of government and organisation required and ensure that you receive the best possible ongoing logistics transport solutions.

As responsible tender partners, we are fully insured and maintain all necessary QHSE standard and Compliance licenses.

TGI Service Model

Our service model is based on partnership, includes detailed planning where required and is an end-to-end service. With ISO 9001 and AS/NZ 4801 practices in place, we are committed to always providing a superior experience to our team, our clients and our suppliers. Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental concerns are key to our ongoing success.

Our 8 core capabilities ensure that you can confidently plan, budget and achieve your timelines, day in, day out.

  • Flexibility-1024x1024


    We are a very fluid organisation that reacts quickly and efficiently without being slowed down by committees and bureaucracy.

  • Risk-Management-1024x1024

    Risk Management

    We allocate experienced supply chain staff for the lifecycle of your project. This gives you invaluable support on risk management decisions.

  • GPS-Tracking-1024x1024

    GPS Tracking

    We track your shipment in real time worldwide and we provide daily updates so that you are kept informed at all stages.

  • Industry-Specific-1024x1024

    Industry Specific

    Oversize, emergency, out of gauge, charter and movement expertise will ensure that you receive the right quote and reliable information.

  • Smart-Staffing-1024x1024

    Smart Staffing

    Professionally trained project cargo staff work strategically and globally. We can even travel with your cargo when needed.

  • Personalized-Service-1024x1024

    Personalised Service

    From the head of the organisation down, we are on-hand and on-call 24 hours a day. We will keep you up to date at all times.

  • General-Cargo-1024x1024

    General Cargo Freight Forwarding

    Air shipping, land freight and sea transportation comprise our general cargo logistics service, with the benefit of project cargo expertise.

  • Shipping-Compliance-1024x1024

    Shipping Compliance
    and HSE

    We have a robust project management model offering best practice compliance and QHSE capability service standards.