How Do I Choose A Good International Freight Forwarder?

Freight forwarders are the crucial piece in the puzzle between the supplier and their destination. They can either make your operations run smoothly or halt them, keep your budget on track or blow it. It is really no wonder that deciding on a forwarder can feel rather daunting, which is why we are here to offer our assistance.

What Is A Freight Forwarder?

When talking about the commercial activity of freight forwarding, we are talking about the transportation of goods from points of origin to destinations through multiple types of transport who carry goods over land, air and sea.

An international freight forwarder navigates the landscape of paperwork, carriers, schedules, costs, safe and fast transit options. Their value is to give you the best mixture of price and timing and provide expertise in international and local goods handling regulations.

Here are our top tips on how to find and choose the right freight forwarder for you:

5 Key Criteria to Find and Choose The Best Freight Forwarder

  1. Do Some Digging Online

Are they reputable? Building a good reputation takes years, and the forwarders that you want to be in business with will have a stellar reputation. You can visit their website, look them up on Facebook and Linkedin, and check their information on Google. Look for good reviews, the number of listings they have online and clear information on the service you require.

  1. Ask About Their Experience

Do they have the right experience? When it comes to a forwarder’s experience, there are a few things to be aware of. Especially when you are moving goods to or from a remote location, or if your cargo is heavy or out of gauge, you need a team that has the experience you need. TGI has moved goods even during war time, so we know that we can handle anything you need.

For instance, if you deal with import and export customs, you need to know if your partner has the industry knowledge to navigate regulations in both the country of origin and destination. Some forwarders like ours work closely with customs to ensure that you only pay the lowest taxes, which is going to assist. Others don’t look after your bottom line, which can result in a nasty surprise before your goods reach their destination.

  1. Check Out Their Network

A forwarder’s network, especially an international freight forwarding company, needs to be robust. A freight forwarders’ industry relationships are nothing short of vital to getting the best service end to end. Connections in the shipping industry are the difference between success and failure, so be sure to check them out.

The interesting thing to remember here is that while the heavy infrastructure of a global forwarder may seem important, it’s not the key factor. The more vital factor is a forwarder who can shorten the transit by working directly with the providers. With a small, agile team, we can often outpace and outperform a larger company, for a competitive price, because the team work directly.

  1. Pick a Forwarder with the Right Services for Your Shipments

It’s essential to know if your freight forwarder can provide the right services for your business. Be sure to study the company’s service offering. This means using a project forwarder for projects, checking for industry experience in your industry and knowing that the company has all the compliance and safety procedures needed.

  1. Examine the Pricing Structure in Depth

Is it transparent? Be sure to check the line items to make sure that there are no overheads or hidden costs. The pricing structure should be transparent.

We offer a quote that we can stand by, which sometimes appears higher because it includes all the costs, from the factory to site. Where clients have gone with a ‘lower price’ we have often seen that their final bill is in fact substantially higher than our quote. So ensure that you do have all the factors included, and the calculations based on dimensions and weight are clear.

If you’re looking for an international freight forwarding that checks all of the above search requirements, then you’re in luck. TGI Cargo has been operating for years as international freight forwarders that you can trust. Get in touch with us today.

Written by TGI Cargo

26 October 2020

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