Ocean Shipping – Critical factors to consider for Large and Project Sea freight

You want to know that your valuable cargo will cross the sea safely, cost-effectively and without delay. Imagine organising the ocean shipping logistics of  6000 cubic metres of cargo, 41 containers; all moving from China to just outside Brisbane, Qld. That’s what TGI do on a regular basis; handling shipments for our clients, and in this example, we moved this project cargo, for the components for the largest asphalt plant in Australia. 

Project cargo is TGI Cargo’s specialty. We have the expertise and knowledge to get your sea freight to the site, anywhere in the world, no matter what. As a more agile logistics company, our strong networks at the ports and throughout the entire transport process make the difference in getting your project delivered, on time and on budget.

Ocean Shipping from China to Brendale – Case Study. 


What are the critical factors you need to know to get your valuable ocean freight safely to its destination? 

 Our years of expertise tell us that the following are vital when considering your shipping options.

  • BUDGET   This is THE most critical factor – we can help you identify any areas that may have been overlooked to ensure the most accurate costs before a shipment has even been loaded.
  • DEADLINES – Know your final delivery date – this is the ‘absolute, no kidding’ last date by which your project must be completed. Map your freight movement deadlines across each stage to meet this final deadline. and plan (with a buffer if you can) to finish prior to this date.
  • TAXES AND DUTIES – Considered import duties and taxes – people forget that on the arrival of a million-dollar shipment there might be a payment prior to release. Your goods may not be duty exempt and maybe there is no GST deferment available. This can literally cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars, on the spot, so always choose a company who, like ourselves, does the research and gives you the best possible tax breaks and payment timelines.
  • SITE PREPARATION – Will your site be ready when the shipment arrives? This sounds like a no-brainer, however, weather and many other factors can throw out every stage of your project. Given this timeline, your ocean freight needs to match, to prevent goods sitting at the dock or in storage, causing additional logistics and warehousing costs.
  • DELIVERY– Make sure you have given the forwarder ALL you’re the details of your product and your site. You’d be surprised that sometimes, this is what delays a shipment in progress. In this industry, the dollars can be in the details!
  • INSURANCE – Although we have never lost a shipment, insurance for ocean shipping is a no-brainer on high-value cargo. We can organise your cover, and also add GPS tracking on valuable loads for a 24 view of the transit of your shipments. 

For ocean shipping, we put our customers in focus and we see ourselves as an extension of your business. We want to solve the problems that ‘keep you up at night’. 

Having delivered over 50 Asphalt plants for Downer alone, we know the logistics requirements for our clients’ needs end to end. If it seems daunting to you, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. 

Ocean Shipping Logistics Case Study – Asphalt Plant 

The Brendale Asphalt plant was the largest shipping project we have ever undertaken and involved transporting the plant from Shanghai to Brendale, Qld seamlessly, during the world-wide Coronavirus crisis.  

The project cargo logistics of the plant were extraordinary, and we met every requirement the customer set, from pick-up to arrival.  

We transported the following sea freight to bring this Asphalt plant to fruition.

  •  6000 cubic metres of cargo consisting of  81 pieces of break-bulk cargo
  •  41  x  40 ft open containers
  •  89 truckloads (including the 41 containers) were transported from the Port of Brisbane by land to Brendale under strict curfew conditions, due to out of gauge loads.

The Brendale plant is just one of the many projects we have delivered under challenging circumstances. In fact, it’s what we do best at TGI Group. 

Whilst a project can look quite different in real life from how it starts on paper, we know every inch of the ocean freight industry and our vast experience allows you to get a good night’s sleep while we manage every aspect of your project! 

To discuss the most effective cargo scheduling for your next major project, contact TGI Group.

Meanwhile, here’s another look at this project. 


Written by TGI Cargo

11 February 2021

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