Disassembly and delivery of power station




Suva, Fiji

Accomplished Timeframe

60 days end to end

Project Overview

Disassembly, removal and delivery of a complete power station from Bremerhaven, Germany to Suva, Fiji, including 4 x 90-tonne generators and 4 x 45-tonne alternators.


Breakbulk vessel, 1 multi-axle trailer, 2 x prime movers, 1 500 tonne gantry set.

Freight Description

2 000 cubic meters of loose cargo, 4 x 90-tonne generators and 4 x 45-tonne alternators


This was a fast-paced job requiring swift planning. The transport to the site required specialised lifting equipment, a gantry rail system and a multi-axle truck within New Zealand.

To ensure this project was completed within a strict time frame, TGI had their Director on-site in Suva for the entire job, advising and coordinating the move. The project was completed successfully, bettering client expectations due to a daily update on every shipment and its location during the journey. TGI completed 3 days ahead of schedule.

Written by TGI Cargo

04 February 2022