Eilbeck 80 tons of cable reel transport from NSW to WA, Australia


Sydney, NSW, Australia


Henderson, WA, Australia

Project Overview

Road and vessel  transport of 80 ton cable reels for Eilbeck Heavy Machining


Truck, mafi trailer and vessel

Freight Description

2 x cable reels weighing 38.5 tons each


There was some heavy lifting needed to transport 80,000 kgs of cable reels from Sydney to Fremantle for Eilbeck Heavy Machining.

TGI Cargo prepared and facilitated the loading of 2 x 38.5-ton cable reels for road travel to Port Kembla. From there it was loaded on a “mafi” trailer and onto the vessel destined for Fremantle.

TGI Cargo was responsible for the door-to-door transport including booking a suitable vessel to accommodate the heavy load, permits and crane hire. The final destination is Henderson!

Written by TGI Cargo

10 August 2022