Emergency conveyor reel delivery


Incheon, Korea


Hidden Valley,    Papa New Guinea

Accomplished Timeframe

Order to execution – 2 days

Transport to delivery – 7 days

Project Overview

Emergency delivery 13 x 13.5-tonne MMJV conveyor reels


2 x B747F and 16 x C130 Hercules

Freight Description

1.5m h 2.5m diameter


The customer approached TGI Cargo from our reputation within the industry for delivering on difficult freight logistics. The mine had experienced a severe shutdown situation with 5km of belts damaged or destroyed. The mine is located 1700-2800 m above sea level and is surrounded by mountainous terrain, making freight transportation precarious.

With air freight restrictions on the runways and limited flight times into PNG, we provided emergency transport of 13 x 13.5-tonne conveyor reels to get them back up and running.

We chartered 2 x B747 Freighters to fly from Incheon direct to Port Moresby and from there the air cargo was placed on 16 x C130 flights from Port Moresby to the Hidden Valley mine. From the first call to delivery was 10 days, with 7 days of transport.

TGI Cargo handled the freight services end-to-end, from customs clearance to delivery to the Hidden Valley mine, allowing them to quickly resume production.

Written by TGI Cargo

04 February 2022