Pipeline project expedited 3 months ahead of schedule


China, Italy, USA


Arcadia Valley, Qld Australia

Accomplished Timeframe

4 years

Project Overview

Transport and customs clearance contract for the Saipem, Santos GLNG Project.


  • Road trains: 64 per day over 180 days at 8 x 4.5-tonne pipes per load (17.8 tonnes per trailer)
  • Dog runners: 30 per day / 4 x 4.5 tonnes of pipe per load
  • Air Freighters: 2 x B747F China – Brisbane

Freight Description

Total freight moved was 1800 cbm

  • 55 out of gauge loads including 12 × 60 tonne loads over the width
  • Containers: 400 including 40 ft OT and FR

Other Aspects of Project

  • Customs clearances: 8 per day with an average of 30 lines per entry
  • Accommodation: 500 huts transported from Brisbane to various locations in Arcadia Valley, Qld
  • Airfreight: 500 tonnes, China, Italy, USA into Brisbane
  • Freight tonnes: 100,000 freight tonnes
  • Safety Records: 0 accidents, 0 fatalities, 0 fines
  • Kilometres drove: 9.6 million kilometres
  • People involved: 120 over 4 years


At its peak, the project was running 64 road trains and carrying around 600 pipes per day between the main stockpile at Port Alma to the various Right of Ways along the pipeline.

In the initial tender, we were not successful, but we were approached to rectify an under-performing global forwarder. Over the following 4 years lifespan of the project, TGI Cargo met the client’s demanding freight transportation expectations. In fact, TGI Cargo successfully expedited the project three months ahead of schedule with accurate planning and management of the approximately 52,000 lengths of pipe from laydown to stockpiles.

We then handled stockpile to right of way delivery, seeing the pipes safely to their final resting place fit for installation. That pipeline now transports gas from the northwestern gas fields across 560km from the Arcadia Valley QLD to the gas processing facility in Curtis Island, Gladstone QLD.

Written by TGI Cargo

04 February 2022