Power generation plant delivery to a war zone!


Ipswich, QLD Australia


Samawah, Iraq

Accomplished Timeframe

6 months

Project Overview

Transportation of a power generation plant, from Australia to Iraq during Gulf War 2 (2003) for D & G Energy Australia.


Break Bulk Vessel and 50 x trucks (in total)

Freight Dimensions

1 x 130 tonne generator, 1x 120 tonne alternator and 3 000 cubic metres of cargo, 25 x 40 ft containers


We were contracted by client D & G Energy Australia, to transport the decommissioned Swanbank A Power Station from Queensland, Australia to As Samawah, Iraq. The TGI Cargo team was involved in overseeing the dismantling, packing, labelling, road transport, port management and shipping of the disused plant from Brisbane to Kuwait.

TGI Cargo arranged the land transport, customs clearance and all military formalities for crossing the border from Kuwait into Iraq. Our team supplied all transport, cranes and specialist equipment to complete the project under challenging circumstances during Gulf War 2.


The challenges faced during this project were unprecedented. Our team faced road closures, sniper fire, potential roadside bombs, and the constant threat of kidnap or possible death, to deliver the project. Not your regular freight forwarding job!

Our onsite manager was in Kuwait and Iraq to supervise the entire project. Our amazing team delivered the project within the projected time frame despite the intense and complex conditions we faced.

Written by TGI Cargo

04 February 2022