Time-sensitive delivery of four motor generator sets for BMA mine


Evansville, Indiana


Blackwater Mine, QLD

Accomplished Timeframe

8 Weeks over two shipment

Project Overview

Our USA agent requested TGI Cargo’s assistance in the customs clearance and delivery of four motor generator sets for a dragline at the BMA mine in Blackwater, QLD. Time was critical as every day the dragline was out of commission, it was costing the mine.  TGI Cargo met the challenge and exceeded the expectations of our customer Flanders and their customer BMA by delivering it one week earlier than scheduled.


2 x 8 Axle platform trailers

Freight Description

4 X 90 Tonne motor generator (MG) sets over 2 x RORO shipments


Critical timeline for delivery to the mine. Any delays had serious financial repercussions for Flanders and BMA.


Eight weeks before the arrival of the cargo, the TGI Cargo team worked with a heavy-lift company at the arrival site to schedule the crane and map out a plan. We contacted Customs and Quarantine two weeks before the cargo was set to arrive. This allowed us to plan ahead and get all the necessary paperwork in order. We also spoke with Loretta Penman at AAT Terminals to make sure that everything would be ready on their end.

Thanks to our preparations, the cargo was successfully discharged and loaded onto transport within four hours of the ship arriving. To ensure that the operation ran smoothly, we placed one of our senior staff members at the wharf. We also were able to find the appropriate tariff concession so that there was no duty payable on arrival. Our client, Flanders, was impressed with how efficiently everything ran. The transport arrived well in advance of their expectations thanks to our careful planning.

Written by TGI Cargo

14 April 2022