Water Tank Project, WA to QLD

Origin: Bunbury, Western Australia 

Destination: Blackwater, Queensland 

Freight Description: CAT 785 Water Tank, weight 31 tonne, 8.5m long x 7.m wide x 4m high = 244.8 cubic metres 

The project for Mackellar in transporting cargo from Bunbury, WA, to Blackwater, QLD. 

TGI Cargo coordinated and managed the successful transport with our partners from origin to destination, ensuring a smooth transition from the origin to the destination. Our team ensured that every step of the process was executed effortlessly. 

TGI Cargo’s proficiency in obtaining necessary permits and clearances all eviated logistical hurdles, ensuring a hassle-free journey for the water tank. 

Our team worked with the supplier and their strict safety protocols also arranged the lifting operation of the water tank. Their commitment to safety and precision was evident throughout the operation. 

Their efforts underscore the importance of precision and proficiency in achieving success, even in the most challenging endeavors.