Safe project logistics for the mining Industry

In the world of mining everything is oversized and huge. Transporting and using mining equipment makes you feel tiny, so nothing is bigger than the issue of on-site and off-site safety.

TGI Cargo understands the mining sector like no other logistics company, as we stand on site and see these machines in action. Having partnered with some of the top mining companies across the world, we understand the risks and hazards and how to mitigate them.

How to keep your mining transportation project on track and incident-free

Thorough preparation and risk assessment from the beginning is what gives you the advantage by partnering with TGI. To safely and efficiently transport mining equipment you need someone who has experience with oversized and out of gauge shipments as well.

In the resource sector, we know each company and site has its own safety rules and guidelines that must be adhered to at all times. But in addition, once your freight is off-site, you need to know that we also adhere to world-class safety protocol on every shipment.

And TGI Cargo knows that if safety is compromised, not only is there a risk to productivity and your reputation, but also to human lives and public safety. Reputation, liability and legal costs are on the line, so we must have robust safety protocols at all times.

We’ve trucked vital equipment up steep, narrow mountain ranges, quickly and without incident, to avoid productivity delays. Some of the freight projects we have successfully delivered for top mining companies include moving oversized cargo to remote destinations under treacherous conditions.

In global mining transportation safety is key

We’ve been trusted to manage complex projects via sea, air and land for the mining sector time and time again, because we put safety above all else. And we’ve shipped uniquely-shaped mining cargo and site materials from remote locations around the world. We’ve prevented shutdowns and even created world transit records in the pursuit of freight forwarding excellence.

Just see our Mining Equipment Logistics case studies. 

5 ways TGI get safety right on every shipment

  1. We aim to operate at a safety standard higher than any mine site – we set the bar high from the outset.
  2. We review all of your Quality, HS&E and site requirements and follow them to the letter of the law.
  3. We assess and minimise or remove risk throughout the entire process, from the loading of cargo and its lashing calculations to the specifics of port entries.
  4. TGI stays up to date on global legal requirements for every step of the journey.
  5. TGI hands over a completed, thorough risk analysis and risk register before any work begins

When you get safety right from the beginning it means that you don’t face unwanted problems at the end of your mining project. As experts specialising in worldwide logistics service and freight forwarding we understand the unique needs of the mining sector. And we work with you to ensure your mining project is delivered successfully…and safely. Every time. rts in transporting heavy cargo and

To discuss your next major mining project, contact TGI Group.


Written by TGI Cargo

26 February 2021

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