The Antonov AN225: From majestic giant to tragic loss and its impact on the aircraft charter industry

The Antonov AN225, known as the largest cargo aircraft ever built, once soared through the skies as a symbol of engineering marvel. Its colossal size and remarkable capabilities made it a legendary figure in the aviation world. However, the war in Ukraine has cast a shadow over the AN225’s legacy, as tragedy befell this mighty aircraft during the early days of the Russian invasion. This article explores the story behind the AN225’s destruction and its implications for the aircraft charter industry.

AN225’s legacy

Designed by the Antonov Design Bureau in Ukraine during the 1980s, the AN225 was specifically built to transport oversized and heavyweight cargo. With its six turbofan engines, immense wingspan, and a maximum payload capacity of 250 tons, the AN225 captured the imagination of aviation enthusiasts worldwide. It undertook numerous charter flights, delivering critical cargo across continents and establishing itself as a vital asset in the global logistics network.

Tragic loss

Unfortunately, the AN225’s story took a tragic turn with the outbreak of the Russian invasion in Ukraine. Its last commercial mission took place from 2 to 5 February 2022. It involved the collection of approximately 90 tons of COVID-19 test kits. Upon its return to Antonov Airport in Hostomel on 5 February, the aircraft underwent an engine swap.

Following the advice of NATO, preparations were made on 24 February to evacuate the AN225 due to escalating tensions. However, on that very day, Russia launched its invasion, and Antonov Airport became one of the initial targets. Ukrainian authorities swiftly implemented a ban on civilian flights, further complicating the situation.

During the intense Battle of Antonov Airport, the runway was rendered unusable, and the fate of the AN225 remained uncertain. Initial reports on 24 February indicated that the aircraft was intact. However, on 27 February, a photo circulated on Twitter showing what appeared to be the AN225 on fire inside its hangar. The Ukrainian edition of Radio Liberty reported that the aircraft had been destroyed during the battle, a claim that was later echoed by Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba and Ukroboronprom, the parent organization of Antonov.

Unfinished business

To continue the AN225’s legacy, plans were set in motion to build a second aircraft of the same model. However, financial challenges plagued the project, leading to its untimely demise. The lack of funds left the AN225’s sibling incomplete, preventing its entry into service. This unfinished project dealt a further blow to the aspirations of expanding the fleet of these colossal cargo carriers.

Impact on the aircraft charter industry

The destruction of the AN225 and the subsequent failure to complete its successor have had profound implications for the aircraft charter industry. The loss of such a unique and versatile aircraft has created a void in the market for transporting oversized and heavyweight cargo. Businesses and organizations relying on the AN225’s capabilities are now left searching for alternative solutions.

The charter industry, known for its adaptability and resilience, has responded by exploring alternative options. Companies are turning to other large cargo aircraft, such as the Boeing 747-8 and the Antonov AN124, to meet their transportation needs. However, these alternatives may not match the AN225’s unparalleled capacity and size, resulting in additional logistical challenges and increased costs for certain cargo shipments.


The loss of the Antonov AN225, the largest cargo aircraft ever built, in the Russian invasion in Ukraine has had a profound impact on the aircraft charter industry. The void left by its destruction and the unfinished second aircraft project has forced companies to seek alternative solutions for transporting oversized cargo. As the industry adapts and innovates, new possibilities may arise to address the unique challenges once tackled by the majestic AN225. The legacy of this remarkable aircraft will forever be remembered as a testament to human engineering prowess and the aspirations of the aviation community.

TGI Cargo, a specialist in transporting oversized and heavyweight cargo locally and internationally wanted to highlight and celebrate the incredible role the Antonov AN225 has played in the industry. 

“It was with great sadness that I read the AN225 Myra had been destroyed by Russian troops during the Ukraine conflict. TGI Cargo never had the privilege of chartering the AN225, however, we have chartered the AN124 many times.

The AN225 played and the AN124 will continue to play a vital part in the transportation of heavy cargo”.  

Peter Townley, CEO, TGI Cargo.

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