The Benefits of Air Freight over Sea Freight

Airfreight allows you to effectively and efficiently transport what you need, around the world, fast. You might be launching a product globally or carrying on a large project with a team waiting on parts. It might just be that your timeline has overrun and now you have to get the goods in a hurry!

Whether a charter is what you need or just a general shipping requirement, we have the professional team at the ready to service your needs.

Air Freight and Door to Door Service

The key to airfreight being worth the additional tariff is to make sure your forwarder is engaged in the entire process from door to door. TGI Air Freight includes assistance and advice on all potential tariff duties and payments along the way, as well as a thorough understanding of the paperwork and COVID processes which gives you a smooth ride every time.

TGI has been involved in several major projects for both governments and large organisations, covering a long, successful history that gave us our good reputation. Having transported general cargo and heavy-duty items, out of gauge as well as difficult shipments across the globe, our global knowledge and connections are tough to match. We’ve proven this by never losing a shipment, so you can be sure you are in safe hands.

With customs always being an area where you can lose or save with the right advice, our professional teams can arrange for exemptions and GST deferment. Making use of our team ensures that we will manage all elements of your shipping solution without any bumps along the way.

Know Where, When & How Your Products Are Moved

We use GPS tracking on cargo as and when requested by our customers to allow for more accurate and conceive location information. As a global forwarder, this gives our clients full insight into their product transit path anywhere in the world.

We often work on million-dollar projects where you absolutely cannot miss a step. Taking the utmost care to ensure your goods arrive in good order, one of our team members may even travel with your goods. We can also attend the discharge of a vessel and supervise the final delivery to site. For your peace of mind, TGI regularly use verbal and visual proof of delivery to allow for perfect clarity on the status of your needed items.

All of these elements work together to provide a full understanding of where and when your goods will arrive.

A safe global transport solution, TGI Cargo allows you to get your shipments from point A to B without hassle and worry. Based in Australia and serving the world, TGI is a trusted name in reliable transportation and air freight.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you.

Written by TGI Cargo

13 October 2020

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