Shipping asset tracking solution

TGI Cargo, an expert in moving oversized, heavy and valuable cargo within Australia and internationally has partnered with KeyOptions to deploy its SATiS asset tracking solution to track and monitor its high-value shipments.     

Established in 2007, TGI Cargo is a privately owned Australian freight forwarder specialising in challenging logistics projects. The freight TGI Cargo moves for its clients is often valuable and, in some cases, irreplaceable. It is for this reason that having the ability to track cargo around the world is critical.

SATiS utilise GPS, Wi-Fi, cellular, Bluetooth and UWB location technologies to ensure the availability and desired accuracy of asset location monitoring. KeyOptions uses the power of technology to ‘Make the Invisible, Visible’.

‘SATiS asset management solution will be instrumental in understanding the status of our monitored consignments, not only with its precise location, but also its movement and environmental condition, such as temperature and humidity,’ said Peter Townley, Chief  Executive Officer of TGI Cargo. 

TGI Cargo specialist consignments will be monitored closely and regularly from their origin of departure to destination. Detailed reporting will take place in real-time, with autonomous updates shown on the SATiS monitoring portal. 

‘This is an exciting opportunity to showcase the impressive capability of our SATiS asset tracking solution, especially with the security and confidential nature of TGI Cargo consignments’ said Gavin Milton- White, Chief Commercial Officer for KeyOptions. ‘The SATiS  monitoring Portal will provide TGI Cargo the ability to monitor shipments as it leaves port and  then as a series of regular updates as it makes its way to the final destination.’ 

About TGI Cargo Pty Ltd 

TGI Cargo is a privately owned Australian project freight forwarder specialising in moving oversized cargo within Australia and globally. TGI Cargo brings over 30 years of experience in managing freighting logistics. TGI Cargo consists of a team of logistics professionals located around Australia and partners across the globe with offices in Canberra, Brisbane, Perth and Melbourne. Offering a personalised, hands-on approach, TGI Cargo provides the best solution to suit your cargo type, timing and budget. 

About KeyOptions Pty Ltd  

KeyOptions provides world-leading disruptive technology. It innovates, designs and develops solutions for clients in the government, defence, security, urban, commercial and retail industries.  KeyOptions helps provide meaningful metrics that have an impact on companies’ operations and profitability as well as keeping people safe and secure. A number of the team are ex-military and are used to working in complex and challenging environments and have worked on many leading-edge technology integration projects delivering innovative and transformational outcomes. KeyOptions has a global presence with offices in Melbourne, UK & Latin America with partners in the USA, Europe, Middle East & Pacific / Asia Regions.  

Written by TGI Cargo

04 March 2022

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